Voice of Russia Live Malaysian plane crash 295 Dead in Ukraine

A Malaysian Boeing 777 headed from Holland to Kuala Lumpur passenger plane carrying nearly 300 people has crashed in Ukraine close to the border with Russia. Malaysia Airlines confirmed via Twitter that it lost contact with flight MH17 whilst flying over East Ukraine.


A Boeing 777 plane with three hundred passengers has crashed after being fired upon. The plane reportedly was  shot down today which is Thursday. Listen live to the ongoing reports over on The Voice of Russia.

West’s sanctions on Russia: Are they just for show?

Big, big sigh of relief among Russia’s super-rich, as the West announces “smart sanctions” On Sunday, 96.7% of voters in Crimea’s referendum chose to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Alexander Nekrassov  former government Kremlin adviser has wrote this article as a Special to CNN.

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Crisis In Ukraine Twitter

Twitter is a social media website where you can have your say in 139 characters or less. The news about Ukraine has been circulating under various hashtags (#). Adam Lovejoy in London talks about de-escalation and the recent ‘crisis in Ukraine’ from the polls being made on Twitter this week. In todays article find out more about how leaders of the Maidan were paid $2000 a day, foot soldiers from $20 to $100 in support of the new regime in Kiev during the protests. There has been various types of news coming in about the Crimea for example the bizarre incident of singing Ukrainian soldiers, OSCE reports from observers in the Crimea and what the EU think. Over on Stirring Trouble find out more about the sanctions against Russia and oligarchs and what people thought about that over on the website Twitter. Twitter is still popular and from Russia there is another popular social media site bit like Facebook called News And Current Affairs.

Alexander Nekrassov QT

News Overshadowed By Ukraine

celebsNews surrounding the Ukraine story is coming in from the Kremlin: this is a satirical entry about politicians around the world who represent the G8. The story draws upon news coming in on the topic of current affairs around the world mainly United States, China, Russia, France and Germany. Dan Majestic in Washington news from Ukraine and talks about reported telephone calls between Stirring Trouble International Germany and Russia.

The news has now moved to the Crimea which is part of Ukraine’s territory economic sanctions and the G8 summit. Get news from behind the scenes in Russian Moscow and find out more about the US role in world affairs and international law that is keeping people up all night.

Find out how Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are now having meaningful political dialogue with the newly elected Ukrainian government with ITS Forces and representatives of the White House from the United States.

This post includes interesting news about President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy.

With the build up to the G7 countries  the scheduled G-8 Summit in Sochi in June the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Council spoke about the UN Charter from 1997 that applies to the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine the UN or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe is different to the usual Group of Eight format. News overshadowed by Ukraine US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama  trip to China, Beijing.

The US Federal Reserve and Vice President Joe Biden. President Francois Hollande scooters and muscular men wearing helmets. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin a chemical scientists and one-on-one summits obsession with the Russian President. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and his wife, Ri Sol ji young Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek. Ri one of most powerful women in North Korea and a possible contender for a place in the leadership.


Financial Markets, Borders, Struggles And Victories

Storify by Ukraine, Governments, Financial Markets, Borders, Struggles And Victories News about the Ukraine. A personal overview of history with other helpful views about understanding world views and experiences about governments, financial markets and the struggles at the border.

Ukraine Crisis Or Oscar Pistorius News


Ukraine protests 2013-2014

Ukraine protests 2013-2014 (Photo credit: FotoBart)


R.F.Wilson is in London talking a look at pressing news from around the world. First Mr Wilson takes a look at the crisis in Ukraine, then he reviews  a day broadcast recently of Oscar Pistorius in a South African courtroom. The case is about Blade Runner scene that happened on Valentine’s Day where a female partner was shot at home in Pretoria, last year.  Oscar’s story is getting a lot of people talking about the news, but is it enough to stop people talking about the Ukraine crisis recent turn of events. John Kerry was on the scene yesterday and Angela Merkel today has offered a new financial package in return for other countries to do the same thing. Russia has also offered financial aid. It will be interesting to see which story lasts the longest, find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally a satirical news website bringing you the news in a comprehensive and humorous original way. Today’s post includes legal dramas that comply with new neo-Nazis laws being introduced by the European Union approved advertising agencies. My hope is that whoever gets the aid they need that it happens soon if this what they say they need. The open forum will start soon. Please leave some thoughts over on the main website.

Ukraine, Democracy And William Hague

William Hague offers an 8 million dollar hand out

William Hague s eight million dollar handout

Todays entry is about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague. Anton Goryunov reports from the black sea in Kiev, the Ukraine navy were in the area and William Hague from the British Foreign Secretary will be representing British taxpayers. From the US John Kerry will also be attending a few meetings today representing the United States.

Politically Yulia Tymoshenko is the number on contender for EU Ukraine. Russia and major European markets are big exporters of grain which may have an impact in the next few weeks on the stock market prices, you might see a significant fall. For a emerging markets this will have an impact on other countries how fit into this low and struggling economic bracket. The next few months it will be interesting to see what develops in the Ukraine, democracy and William Hague could have some new interesting ideas. The Russian rouble currently sits with a 10% fall.

The BBC have reported from St Petersburg that rhetoric is difficult to understand. However they also talk about or highlight the intervention during the troubles of a secret underworld unison between mercenaries originating from Turkey, Germany, USA and the UK or just about any other country you can think of that may have helped arm some of the protestors.

This sort of propaganda is not very helpful considering the seriousness of the situation, I’m not saying it does not happen and that mercenaries exist out there I am just saying this is highly unlikely. What is interesting in this report is the news inside Ukraine that many of the victorious protestors are requesting that Russian TV be disconnected from their Sky box.

Kiev ousted President Viktor Yanukovich as Tokyo watches on with concerns about financial markets and safety bonds are put in place to prepare for the worst. The fear seems to be about a US treasury geopolitical risk, at a time when the stats look good and everything right now is on an upward swing. Employment figures are high and everyone are well pleased.

Democracy and peace is at an all time high and relationships around the world are steady. The Ukraine and Crimea is a prime location where rich oligarchs reside who made money during the late 19th century from art, property and business during the eighties dot com bubble. It must be a very beautiful place to live, what we are seeing is the other side of the country. The concern seems to be about the heating, food and future medicine shortages. There has been many faculties that amounted these past few weeks, all of it televised the whole world is watching with concern.

As regards the unelected lot in Brussels running the European Union, Kharkiv on Saturday by pro-Russia demonstrators. they are now desperately trying to figure out what to say. Read the full article about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Revolution In Ukraine Borders

Anton Goryunov: “Let’s be cynical about a Kiev coup. You cannot miss what is happening in Ukraine? The Berkut anti riot police have disbanded?”

The Ukraine borders the Russian federation, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia and Romania. They all have concern for the unitary state. The European Union protesting alliance has made the US interested in helping out too.

President Viktor Yanukovich and French President Francois Hollande may have been comparing notes.

Find out more about the banking world and the conflicts at home and abroad. Viktor is in trouble and a lot of people in the Ukraine are trying to explain why.

Three EU foreign ministers are going to visit the Ukraine to see what they can do.

The White House National Security Adviser tells the Ukraine what he thinks they should do.

William Hague the British Foreign Secretary will talk about the war in Iraq. He may even mention Syria and other helpful advice for the Ukrainian parliament.

Ukrainian football team photogragh

Ukraine And Regime Change

Anton Goryunov is in Kiev protests happened there these past few months. There are many things to do in the Ukraine, Berlin and Brussels are wanting to help out and Russia is concerned about what has been happening there too. Ten years ago there was an orange silk revolution which evolved from a poisoning attack on the now Ukrainian Prime Minister. His support mostly came from Ukrainian women hot of the press according to BBC reports they managed to win the campaign whilst scars on face were still fresh.

Protesting and the rising support for counter culture has been going on for centuries, poets, futurists, authors have all been inspired by revolutions. The telegraph and the printing press helped the word get around. In Ukraine the news was broadcast live for weeks, you could see the pressure they were having, speaking to the world during real examples of violence. Many people were hurt, police were killed in the line of duty and young protestors caught in cross fire or scalded by the flames. The organisers behind this counter attack on the Ukrainian government should have first made sure violence in anyway was not used.

The sacrifice in Libya during the troubles could be similar to the Ukraine’s regime change. Because without the correct support considering all the damage been done there will be a backlash of poverty, starvation  and for many freezing conditions, the whole world will be watching and wanting to help out with aid.

Berlin blockade and Brussels airlines are fully booked to Ukrainian democracy and freedom trips as well as the rest of the world media, who are well versed in counter culture revolutions.

President Viktor Yanukovich an experienced ex economic finance banking business minister before turning to politics did a lot to help the country ten years ago. Reportedly he helped the country get out of a lot of debt and flourish for a time. He from the start has been a big fan of the European Union and has negotiated and bartered about agriculture in Russia and spoke about Schubert in Warsaw as hope before there is regime change.