Nice recipes desserts are a great way to fill up after a nice savoury feast.
I read this article about cooking fancies and chocolate delights. The text is legible and I enjoyed looking at the nice images of little French fancies.

Buttercream & Chantilly

Descendez pour la version française.

I spent two days in Paris this week. The weather was awful. So me and my Bff had only one thing left to do : Starbucks two afternoons in a row. Sometimes I think that the fact that there is no Starbucks where I live is a good and bad thing …

I went to Paris for a Major Event : The 3 Doors Down Concert. I bought my tickets 6 months ago , I just love that band.  They’re not big at all in France so it was in a  small venue which was even better.  They said that it was the smallest venue of the Tour but that we were the best crowd. I’ve been to enough gigs in my life to know that they always say that.  So two possibilities : Paris has the best crowd  or they’re  just doing their job.

I worked  interned…

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