President Assad And The Outside World In Syria

Anton Goryunov from Damascus  tells his story of how President Bashar al Assad and other influences from around the world have created trouble in Syria?

The first explanations start by mentioning President al Assad then after that he mentions the Libyan rebels then a reminder about the death of Colonel Gaddafi and finally some speculative imaginary instructions if Gaddafi was still alive from one dictator  to another.

Syrian people know their way

Syrian people know their way (Photo credit: Ars Electronica)

Find out why Al Qaeda terrorists are what keeps Al Assad going the threats from terrorists he believes can come from anywhere.

Find an interesting contrast between Kofi Annan and Tony Blair also find out all you need to know about Saudi Arabia  and Syrian leaders like Mr Annan and the relationships with these big Western nations.

Get the five most important things Western politicians a regretting recently. Decisions like the ones made in the Arab Spring,  President al Assad and the decisions he had to legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.  And find out a couple of things about Al Qaeda that America and Britain know and don’t want you to know about.


One thought on “President Assad And The Outside World In Syria

  1. Some arabs have learned one way to get money for fighting from an enemy of their’s-Israel. Now these so-called terrorist groups go to the media to raise money like Israel has done since before there was an Israel. President Obama cheering the “terrorists”(he says freedom fighters) only enflames the incumbant arabs like Assad to fight harder and longer.

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