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Bad Comedy Exists Because People With No Sense Of Humour Keep It Going

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Would you be able to name a couple of good comedy acts these days? If you have ever asked yourself these two questions then this post is for you.

If this is you then I am sure you will agree most of them use really cheap and bad jokes to get a laugh, but you still laugh in fact you may even expect the same thing every week because you like to laugh, you may even find it very therapeutic. You might have to consider this however because laughter is as you will find the best medicine.

Read these examples of how laughter can cause bother for people

  1. Laughter can cause a sore stomach or a split spleen
  2. Laughing when there is no reason to laugh actually makes you look silly
  3. Laughter is a medicine which is easily overused and we the public are becoming more tolerant everyday
  4. How about this old cliché ‘When you are laughing you are learning’ how do you feel about that one?

Ever since early years of comedy there has been observational comedy the study of comedy, over the years the effects have decreased, the comedians have a lot older and a lot uglier and well quite frankly we at Stirring Trouble Internationally think the comedians could put more thought behind their sets, after-all it quickly gets again and again on television.

He in the UK we have to watch the same American TV and our sense of humour is being effected, this type of low budget comedy is completely out of the cultural context here in the UK, how you feel about these shows in your country.

Do you find yourself getting home from a busy day only to find a load of American rubbish on the television. We would like to know, think of this as representation. This quantitative data will give to the making of more comical rubbish. Except it may have more of a local feel about it. Quiz shows are sold all around the world after proving themselves in front of UK audiences this is qualitative research that proves people will sit around and watch it from start to finish.

Some of the world’s top dictators want  its people to lose their sense of humour, make things more difficult for people, slow them down in some way, numb the brain into thinking different things. These kind of shows act as if they are some clever pattern interruption, the gags are targeted at what makes you laugh this is what distinguishes between us and them. There is nothing worse than watching a comedian on stage fail to make people laugh. Oh people laugh alright its part of being the audience but how much of these laughs are actually justified?

We here in Britain are known for having a high tolerance to comedy this I think you will find is because we really have a great Sense Of Humour and you can spot this regardless of the accents and secret voices and silly faces that these comedians pull. What ever happened to a good old story.

Politicians make great comedians because they are really good at telling tall stories, everyday someone somewhere is telling a joke not all of you will know its a joke until it never happens. Yes politicians are the butt of the jokes and the creators of the jokes, in a sense they are trying to solve the problems of today and expect you to laugh at the jokes. They coerce you into laughing just like they would do in a television studio.

Laughter is made by the waving of cue cards and the thought behind the jokes is a mirror effect of what you are thinking, this is the first rule of thumb in psychology and euro linguistics. More and more people are educating themselves in the art of comedy and storytelling these are the new rock stars unfortunately another cliché is that they are never as good as they used to be. It’s rare you ever find a comedian more funnier than the jokes politicians pull on people.

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Making Dope Legal; Thick, Evil Or Both

A Rattling post from R.F.Wilson who is in Amsterdam reporting about the group discussions that took place this week. high society celebs, politicians and legal representatives who are trying  to legalize drugs all turned up for a mid-week conversation. Some of the topics they use to prove what is going on in this case are figures from the black market. Some of the things highlighted in today’s post are the arguments going on behind the scenes about a summary of the war on drugs, the results and what it means to everyone involved in the popular discussion. Certain triggers have been a catalyst for this popularity and some interesting points raised at these popular meetups.

RF Wilson explores the paper work the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has to trawl through thanks to Keith Vaz and  Richard Branson.

Cruise ship - Holland America Amsterdam

Cruise ship – Holland America Amsterdam (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Find out the most important bits that the UN has noticed in reference to the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Find out why addiction is so expensive and why the punishment for drug addicts are changing. If you have ever had suspicions about these people, or not sure about how much it costs to rehabilitate these people then this post is for you.

Cutbacks are happening and the same people are using this to prop up their own agendas. Find out why in today’s post, most of it you already know, but there are things that you might not know. Not everyone will be bothered by this and continue celebrating in the way they do. The Global Commission on Drug Policy is using the soft drugs card, if you want to know more a quote from the bible is cited as Sodom and Gomorrah so nothing is new other than the timing of these conversations.

Find out what the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the Arab League and the EU foreign policy all have in common on this debate about addictions, treatment, legalisation and what this means if these things ever come to fruition. Also find out the sniffling truth about Javier Solana from Yugoslavia and why European countries have a soft spot for people who have been caught out selling dope. You will also find out what South America is learning from all this information. A lot of this information is a broad spectrum from Evil or thick Dope legalise influencers.

The argument continues but the figures and statistics are startling simple. Holland has concluded all the work they have done has not really helped. R.F. Wilson has focused on this and is now ready to reveal his findings. Find out what the group was saying and get more information from the latest statistics and costs of helping people with these problems. Most of all you will find out there is no real change other than the way it has always been. The same people who are discussing these negative things are just airing what is in their own sniffing heads. The best solution as I am sure you agree is found in the silence, anything against this is simply promoting these type of really negative topics, most people are staying out of trouble and the only trouble left is to forget about any real change and letting people fend for themselves is a future viable option actively being cultivated by the powers that be.

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Another Absolutely Useless EU Summit In Brussels

Ted Obvious writes from Brussels in reaction to another absolutely pointless European Union summit, these types of gathering cost a lot of money and they are more trouble than they are actually worth. There are many keynote speakers in Europe to talk to about European policies and help finding more about what goes where in between who likes who.

The EU budget is coming next year and from that everything will be squeezed out of Europe here are the two sides of the coin.

  • Eastern Europe and in Paris want it increased substantially,
  • countries like Germany and  Britain, want it the budget frozen.

The European Council Herman Van Rompuy is juggling and freezing finances and will be for the next seven years to keep everything in good standing. By then the next generation who will be members of the EU will be less inclined to want fat juicy grants and free from any blackmailing less weight on the EU reps collar.

Humorously German Chancellor Angela Merkel Ted says live that she was dragged into the Euro zone and that German taxpayers are starting to notice the bills piling up. He follows on to say Angela Merkel would rather be seen in a mini-skirt than abandon Europe’s newish currency.

French President Francois Hollande  disappoint the local economy with a pointless victorious war in Mali but create that well sort feel-good factor for the nation. Mr Hollande and French farmers have a go at Britain as cows run loose and for cherry picking in Mali and sprouting out all kinds of things in Brussels and a quick recapp on the British rebate  something that been Margaret Thatcher sorted out years ago.

Patriotic games at the EU summit by British Prime Minister David Cameron with the referendum debate and the EU membership.

Four things about the budget you should probably know about:

  1. The EU is a black hole
  2. The EU budget is shrinking
  3. The EU got it wrong about the debt crisis
  4. The EU project is showing more cracks in the surface than Mars or the moon.

What a waste of time and money these EU summits are. High the time they should just be banned or cancelled last minute. Or at least fine European leaders if these summits don’t produce anything. Here We Go Again. Another Absolutely Useless EU Summit Under Way In Brussels.