Xi Jinping And The Seven Unmentionables Or Deadly Sins To Avoid

xi jinpingGu Suhua writes from Beijing

More wisdom from Beijing in China. The Chinese have learned a lot from earlier communist China and Deng Xiaoping of the President of the People’s Republic of China has some interesting words of wisdom for the United States and Xi Jinping also has something interesting to say about things. The recent speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping is worth looking at.

He has come up with the argument that the Communist Party needs to take a broader view of its history. One should not succumb to the temptation to divide the Party’s journey since 1949 into pre-Mao and post-Mao phases, Comrade Xi implied.

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The average Party member, indeed the average Chinese citizen, would consider that Deng Xiaoping’s pro-market reforms which began in 1978 as the moment the Middle Kingdom’s economy took off.

That was the darkest period of communist Chinese history and saw the Party almost obliterated.

The greatest danger to Party rule is not a military attack but the insidious penetration of foreign ideas and values. Read the previous sentence as a covert reference to American values.

Xi-JinPing7DeadlySins.qrXi is caught in the classic contradiction of every communist leader. How to outperform the Americans and the West while retaining socialism with Chinese characteristics?

Deng’s reforms, beginning in 1978, conceded victory to the capitalist model of economic development. In other words, the Middle Kingdom was to become a more successful capitalist economy.

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