From The Wires Of ITAR-TASS. In Russian


The world is a competitive place and women are finding their equal place in the world and the universe. Women are in space and back on earth there are threats that exist. This article covers female astronauts  news from America which is reported in Russia; from news about the recent hurricanes and other concerned threats announced. You can read the snippets of information in English here. I have included the main parts from translations of original post made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York in May a Correspondent from Itar-Tass named Shamshin talks about the Statue of Liberty , they know it is a symbol of the city and access during Hurricane Sandy made the area closed. From Manhattan and New Jersey  Liberty Island all people in the area were rounded up and asked to board a tourist boat.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 have also added to the way things are dealt with differently in Liberty Island.  The United States celebrate the most important holiday called Independence Day this is in July.

Liberty Island

Liberty Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rudyard Kipling a famous author of Jungle Book found a letter in which he admits to plagiarism, the book is a collection of short stories that the American media are now saying were based on plagiarism.

ITAR-TASS  talks about a Hungarian village in Tesaersh local

Wooden Car

Wooden Car (Photo credit: naokomc)

made a wooden car and have an article reviewing Beyonce single called Telephone and Japanese band Kozan who play traditional Japanese musical instruments – like the shakuhachi and the bamboo flute.

In 2009, Luke Parmitano was selected with the first Italian female astronaut Samantha Kristoforetti, the flight is scheduled for next year, ESA and the squad began training. In orbit, he took with him a flag of his native city and the rubber cap champion Paralympic Games in London, his compatriot Cecilia Kamellini – as a symbol of “strength, perseverance, dedication and desire to overcome all obstacles,” said astronaut. In addition, with the first board, which will deliver to the ISS equipment and supplies, Luke will get his guitar. He began making music about a year ago and is now going to sharpen their skills in their spare time in space.

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