Here We Go Again: Hacks Go Over The Top Covering Another Gruesome Murder

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Ted Obvious reports from London


News from Machynlleth in Wales travels fast to London the crimes in the Middle East and Woolwich are being superseded by news in about Murder reported in the Welsh News program recently about Mark Bridger. The topic is high authority right now in TV News, the British Media are focusing on graphic violence to hide to violence that is happening elsewhere.

Here we go again: the British media goes way over the top in its coverage of the trail of that psychopath, Mark Bridger found guilty yesterday of the murder of 5-year-old April Jones in the small Welsh town of Machynlleth , hiding her body and refusing to tell the police its whereabouts. No one is saying that it’s not a tragedy but does it warrant blanket coverage in TV news bulletins and in the newspapers?


Welsh murders
Especially at a time when a regional war in the Middle East is in the making and tensions over the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby by Muslim fanatics in Woolwich still running high.

Filling news with endless reports about all sorts of crimes is plain wrong. Especially as no one gets any wiser from all this intensive reporting that contains loads of absolutely useless information. Especially as this time round it was pretty clear that Bridger was guilty, having confessed to ‘running over’ the little girl in his car and then supposedly ‘forgetting’ what he did with her body.

And one more thing: have you ever heard any hack talk about the damaging influence of graphic violence on the box, on the big screen and in computer games on all sorts of idiots who transform virtual reality to real life? No, they never say that, do they?

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