Sending Letters Laced With Poison To Politicians Makes No Sense. They Don’t Open Them Anyway

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Have you heard the news today, oh boy Michael Bloomberg and others are looking at the contents of Ricin, the United States Secret Service have made forensic reports that have surprised the Mayor of New York City, members of congress in Washington via Dan Majestic over on Stirring Trouble Internationally including Barack Obama, show it should surprise the whole of the United States and White House what these letters were laced with.


Dan Majestic reports from Washington.

Big, big fuss has been made here about US President Barack Obama being sent a threatening letter in the post laced with ricin or at least with something that looked like ricin.

RicinLetterWashingtonThe US Secret Service has confirmed the fact yesterday, pointing out that the correspondence was intercepted by the White House staff before reaching the intended addressee.

Earlier even a bigger fuss was made over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg being sent not one but two angry letters on the same subject of gun control, also supposedly laced with ricin.

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In recent times there were several occasions when Americans sent angry letters to their politicians, lacing them with all sorts of substances, including ricin.

Ricin is one of the more available poisons as it can be found as a natural component in castor beans.

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