The Voice Series 3 On The Beeb Anyone?

STithe voice

Freddie Matthews writes from London

The BBC commissioned The Voice UK for another year in advance. The Voice, the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent propel mediocrities to stardom. The BBC has reproduced the Britain’s Got Talent show hosted by Jessie J and Tom Jones, Tom helped Leanne Mitchell win the Voice UK competition and Will from Black Eyed Peas was there too.

Simon Cowell invented the format which targets plebs who watch the box on weekends, getting all excited about people like them making fools of themselves in front of cheering crowds.

the voice judges

The Voice for the BBC, has just been appointed Director of BBC Television so that he can finally get his own fancy office in the £1 billion BBC New Broadcasting House.

Jessie J. may not have released a single since May last year but it’s not like she’s been unheard of since and that has done her public profile a world of good.

the voice judgesThe US band The Black Eyed Peas are associated with many hugely successful names his desire to help the UK amateur music scene Freddie says is very interesting.

Tom Jones is mixing with them too, a star who did well in his youth and is a great entertainer. His chosen act, Leanne Mitchell, who has won the first series was quite good too. The Voice series 3 is happening in 2014.

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