Opinion Polls Should Be Banned. They Are Used To Mislead Voters

opinion poll
Ben Delicious writes from LondonSTi

I can get you 1000 followers people who would say that Adolf Hitler was a great man.

This is bizarre. This is no democracy. It’s like a bloody conspiracy actually that undermines the whole concept of free and fair elections.

The most absurd situation had occurred before the general election of 1992, when, according to all opinion polls, Neil Kinnock was leading the Labour party to a decisive victory.

tony opinion pollsThat was in the early 1990s and in later years it was no different: polls were giving Labour huge advantages under Tony Blair when it was clear that his party was losing a lot of it support, especially after 2003, when the government dragged the country into an illegal war with Iraq.

And how is it that the Liberal Democrats have any support at all?

Are you going to tell me that 7 or 8 per cent of British people support these loonies?

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