Telegraph Teams Up With BBC To Bring Down A Tory MP. Something’s Not Right Here


R.F.Wilson reports from London

You won’t believe what happened in Britain’s media land. The conservative rag The Daily Telegraph has teamed up with the left-wing BBC to bring down a Tory members of parliament, Patrick Mercer in fact, for supposedly breaking parliamentary lobbying rules.

Do you sense something odd about the whole affair? It would have been one thing if the BBC got into bed with, say, the Daily Mirror or the Independent, to carry out a sting operation on a Conservative MP. But how is it that two ideological foes team up to go after a politician who was on the right of the Tory party?

Not to mention the whole Tory front bench working for autocratic regimes in the Middle East, helping them to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. How come hacks are not concerned with all that?

Now you may wonder why would the BBC help PM Cameron out?

The Telegraph newspaper is supportive of the bankers for 5 years now ever since the financial crisis and the‘expenses scandal from the MPs.

Rebels on the Tory backbenchers are careful now what they say or do. Dave’s friends in the media are watching them.


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