That ‘Lobbying Scandal’ Is A Storm In A Tea Cup. Considering The Really Big Stories That Are Ignored

marriage made in hellAdam Lovejoy reports from London: Fancy that, hacks from the BBC and the Daily Telegraph – a match made in hell, if you think about it – have joined forces to cause a storm in a tea cup.

Then the Sunday Times hacks tricked three Lords into supposedly agreeing to help promote the interests of some South Korean energy company, even though the circumstances are not clear as to what has really happened and who said what to whom.

Lots of noises are made now by all the usual suspects about who praise the media for ‘cleaning up’ British parliament when it comes to helping lobbyists.

Hacks in Britain don’t do big stories ever since Tony Blair and New Labour came to power and the media that is mostly run by progressives these days has stopped doing its job properly.

Hence the war in Iraq getting approved by parliament with no problems and Tony Blair getting away with cash for peerages scandal and Labour ‘buying’ the 2005 general election and Gordon Brown bankrupting Britain to a crisp to save failed banks.

The money men sure hold all those MPs and the government by the balls, if you pardon the expression, when it comes to scrutiny of the dodgy goings on in the financial sector.

But no, no one in the House of Commons seems to be bothered by all that loan sharking.

Why didn’t the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, NHS getting ripped off on a regular bases by private operators world be the mother of all news stories.

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