A Gig In Support Of Women’s Rights. Feminists Desperately Trying To Save Their Cause


Ben Delicious reports from Twickenham 

Feminism has become so uncool that it’s only thanks to politicians, who are out of touch with the real world and use political correctness to shield themselves from accusations of incompetence and corruption

that women’s rights activists are still able to impose their stupid agendas on others like those women’s quotas and positive discrimination and branding all men evil.

Cultural icons taking part as Beyoncé and her hubby Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Goulding and Madonna, even though the latter only appeared on the screen in a short film to say a few words about women’s rights.

tony babeThe gig at Twickenham Chime For Change, launched by actress Salma Hayek, watched in 150 countries, attracting an audience of 1 billion.

emily davison

Emily Davison, allegedly threw herself under a horse at Epsom Derby, spoiling that day for thousands of people just like Emily Pankhurst might have done in the early 20th century.

Making women’s short lists, quotas and contributing to British politics, for people like Tony Blair.

 Women are the victims in all this and are still receiving discrimination in the sport, thankfully they still have the vote.

As for celebs, well, they give their names to all sorts of politically correct causes, lacking the intelligence to understand what they are getting themselves into. Although, of course, the free publicity doesn’t hurt them. Ask Madonna, she knows how to sell her albums on the strength of ‘good causes’.

Stirring Trouble Internationally – ‘… A Gig In Support Of Women’s Rights. Feminists Desperately Trying To Save Their Cause…’