How Come Cops Go Over The Top When Dealing With Street Protests?

cops kick butt

Ben Delicious reports from London

When I watched those cops in Turkey beating the crap out of protesters in Istanbul, who were demanding that a dodgy development scheme is scrapped,

Crooked developers and politicians cancel their plans to destroy a park in the city to build a shopping centre.

Remember the student protests in London two years ago against the rise of university tuition fees?

Blimey, do the local cops enjoy dealing with those ‘dangerous’ people! It seems at times that these policemen live in some parallel world, or maybe are even cloned from some especially violent thug in uniform, and don’t have any mothers or fathers or families of their own.

Its is in Zimbabwe or Venezuela, Thailand , Sudan and the Ivory Coast people object to the policies of their corrupt and incompetent rulers.

Stirring Trouble Internationally -‘…How Come Cops Go Over The Top When Dealing With Street Protests?…’