Politicians Who Breach Their Election Promises Should Get The Sack

breaking promises

R.F.Wilson reports from London

if you allow politicians to promise one thing before the elections and then do the opposite or do nothing.

This has got nothing to do with free and fair elections. It actually smacks of electoral fraud, if you want it straight.

Every political party involved in elections needs to publish it’s manifesto in all national newspapers, so that keen watchers of politics could have a cut-out stuck to their refrigerators.

The current Prime Minister David Cameron has broken his pledge contained in the party’s election manifesto

not to increase university tuition fees and added, without consulting anyone.

The referendum on the Lisbon Treaty , the Conservatives fail to win a working majority they would form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.  Chancellor George Osborne included so many broken promises into the Tory election manifesto when he was not yet Chancellor. Naturally the Conservative party would never have done or said anything of the sort. This is a labour trick.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Politicians Who Breal Their Election Promises Should Get The Sack…’