Bilderberg Group To Meet In Leafy Watford. To Plot Against Us All

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The Watford Plot North Of London Bilderberg Group 2013 location

The Bilderberg Group a back with an annual Plot in Watford, of all places as some of you know this is Elton Johns manner he is to Watford what Assad is to the Middle East, or maybe he is not. Anyway Syria is one topic they will defo be talking about. Expect to hear the news about Józef Retinger, the Federal Reserve System and the usual Bilderberg banter before a meeting starts.

R.F.Wilson reports from Watford: Strange as it may seem, but this years’ annual gathering of the Bilderberg group the ‘secret world government’. The list of participants for this year’s Bilderberg bash has not been yet revealed but what we do know is it will be held in Watford.

Bilderberg meeting decided to get rid of Pope Benedict XVI or how did it happen that the US Federal Reserve was allowed to print so much new money while the banks just took it and didn’t pass most of it to the economy. The meeting should go quite well in Watford park, perhaps Elton John has even been invited who knows.

The Bilderberg Group Tradition Talk About The Banking Crisis

Like that banking crisis of 2008, which is still impacting on the world economy that is going through a severe recession, masqueraded as ‘sluggish recovery’ by politicians and money men they will also talk about climate change.

Word is that governments across the Western world have no idea how to mend the economy, so they rely on dodgy stats to keep their respective people thinking that politicians know what they are doing and even managing to change things for the better. It won’t last forever, this bizarre situation, but as no one knows what course to take, expect the Bilderberg group to approve that farce to continue. Until ‘something comes up’.

Syria and the Middle East generally are bound to be on the agenda of this year’s Bilderberg meeting.

The way things are going, the Syrian civil war is bound to escalate after the EU ended its arms embargo to the Syrian rebels.

blair brown and cameronHotel de Bilderberg where the first meeting took place in May 1954. The idea to host such gatherings belongs to a rather shady character by the name of Joseph Retinger.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘..Bilderberg Group To Meet In Leafy Watford. To Plot Against Us All…’