Cleaning Up British Politics. Nick Clegg Says He’s At It Already

Another milestone in British Politics as Nick Clegg rightly says in the House of Lords after doing more research on the structure in place post Tony Blair, the BBC and The Sunday Times were all effected and agreed to the new changes and were reflected by the Peerage Act 1963 a year where the Lord President of the Council and John Laird Baron Laird all teamed up and said a few things which were incorrect.

Thomas Mathew reports from London Well, there you have it. A rebel Tory MP from the House of Commons and three life peers from the House of Lords have been caught in a sting organised by hacks from the Daily Telegraph and the BBC, collectively for some very strange reason, and, separately, by scribblers from the Sunday Times.

Anyway, when the lobbying stories broke – and more are to come from the BBC – up popped the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

house of lords

Tony Blair was saying he was clean and honest and called to Tories sleazy and corrupt.  Postal voting destroyed the parliamentary system by passing an illegal House of Lords Act of 1999.

Lancashire lass, Cathy Ashton an active member of CND, then Tony Blair made her the leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council, she is now a rep for European Union in the field of foreign affairs.

The authority for this admission was Baroness Ashton. On September 29, 2008 Lord Laird, who incidentally was the target of the recent sting by the Sunday Times, received a written answer to a question about Letters Patent.

Thus, the Peerage Act 1963 allowed peers in their own right to sit in the House of Lords, regardless of the terms of any Letters Patent creating the peerage.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Cleaning Up British Politics. Nick Clegg Says He’s At It Already…’