Who Cares That Matt Smith Is Leaving Doctor Who? It’s A Rubbish Series Anyway

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Doctor Who The Timelord Is Changing Into A Women?

Did you get chance to watch Doctor Who Matt Smith from the BBC in action. The Time Lord Doctor Who David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston did a good job on him lots of scenes from London and crammed in the can a Dalek really popular viewing for television but in actual fact it is not all that now, made on a budget by companies that could as easily be making puppy biscuits.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Big, big fuss is made by fans of Doctor Who series about

Matt Smith, walking away from Time Lord role. Doctor Who?

It is time to have a woman playing the time traveling Doctor and some objecting to it as it would supposedly go against the ‘tradition’. The BBC think this is a good idea too, something for people to talk about.

Although the show does have silly looking space monsters talking in silly voices. The Daleks for example and the Cybermen walking in a weird way.

The Doctor has changed appearance ten distinct...

The Doctor has changed appearance ten distinct times. These are the eleven faces of the Doctor. (Top) L-R: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker (Middle) L-R: Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann (Bottom) L-R: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doctor Who survived with Christopher Eccleston playing the Time Lord very unconvincingly, is because the publicly funded BBC had enough money in its marketing budget to plug the series.

In fact, had it been made by a commercial TV network it wouldn’t have lasted long, considering the amounts of money spent on its promotion and the low quality of the product itself.

Doctor Who, David Tennant, was a complete disaster. Talking in loud silly voices and having an expression of surprise on his face. Tennant managed to overact in practically every scene and yet got away with it.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Who Cares That Matt Smith Is Leaving Doctor Who? It’s A Rubbish Series Anyway…’


One thought on “Who Cares That Matt Smith Is Leaving Doctor Who? It’s A Rubbish Series Anyway

  1. Right, the whole thing is awful…but nevertheless, fascinating. Or maybe better, a sort of drug for we with susceptible minds, if minds are actually where it leeches on. Or maybe its comic relief from the endless shoot-’em-ups with which alleged Sci-Fi has replaced classic Westerns.
    But a Doctoress Who? Th.e Beeb is Politically Correcting its product from ridiculous fun to just, ridiculous. The Time Lord can pick up interesting women with his flying phone booth, with us wondering about the potential chemistry, engaging the audience. Doctoress Who can’t do that; her presence automatically drops the cast from two people to one and a quarter. Well, excepting Lesbians, who comprise a pretty small segment. Whoever ungorged herself of that one, needs to find something better to do, maybe go run from a Labour borough for Parliament…

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