Victoria Beckham As Woman Of The Decade? And Why Not Of The Century?

victoria beckham

Rick Dixon writes from Cambridge about Victoria Beckham celebrity singer Spice Girl, wife of David Beckham, Glamour model a big hit with her son Brooklyn, Victoria Beckham knows her Fashion design and has now announced some body modifications. Victoria Beckham has been crowned ‘Woman of the Decade’ at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. There are so many things wrong with that I’m not even sure where to start.

Rick Dixon asks the question “why Victoria Beckham was not voted Woman of the Century in magazines like Readers Digest?”

After marrying footballer David Beckham Victoria got back into the public eye by getting into the fashion industry a great move which paid of.

david and victoria

Obviously, given Victoria’s apparent important status as a ‘fashion icon’ she was asked for some fashion tips, to which she replied: ‘Dress appropriately. Dress in a way that suits you. You have to feel comfortable.’ The woman of the decade is paving the way forward. Victoria Beckham one of the favourite Spice Girl and wife to David Beckham is keeping up with the rest of the Glamour models in Brooklyn. Victoria has a line of clothes that fit a certain Fashion design and a Breast implant can really help women fit into these dresses much better.


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