Mervyn King George Osborne Nick Clegg And David Cameron Keeps Base Rate Interest Low

Sir Merv economyBen Delicious reports from London: The Bank of England (BoE) has kept the base rate of interest at 0.5 per cent yesterday. Read all about David Cameron in relation to the economy and get the inside scoop from George Osborne about the debates between Mervyn King finance plan and the Nick Clegg proposals and find out what is really going on behind the scenes of the Bank of England and the challenges facing the Monetary Policy Committee. This entry today is about Quantitative easing, as already mentioned Mervyn, you can also find out the script from Mark Carney and all the various news from Britain in the heart of London, where information really matters.

The interest rate at an all time low mean less payments and less loans for people who want to buy a home or just break away from the mould of living with families, friends and sleeping on sofas or worse still outside on old mattresses.

The BoE seems to say they know a lot about their customers and have provided a service to avoid all this. These sorts of decisions are made by the Monetary Policy Committee and to them they know what they are talking about but for someone who is looking for credit is reminded before they start that they will struggle with keeping up with the payments.

The BoE therefore it seems are doing the opposite of what The Governor  Sir Mervyn King said when he came up with the successful plan to fix everything and make it better again.

george and merv

So it is up to Britain again to reduce the spending of tax payers money the pressure is on and as they continually try to deliver their budget continues to bite into the already chomped pie.

Every banking celebration is really another avoidance of another failed bank as far as quantitative easing is doing this is working quite well nobody knows all the rubbish brushed under the carpet and as the party continues all that we will be left with is some canned cream and a dirty plate with a Dear John note next to meal, saying we have left the building good luck with it.

The economy has just had another squirt of money according to Adam there has been Millions of pounds to top up the real economy it wont be long before this has run out and the same thing will have to happen again. This is why prices are going up because the paper is not worth the money that it is printed on.

nick and dave

The BoE Treasury has a great big IOUs  left on the mantle piece for someone to find and hopefully kop for.

AAA credit rating is creating an economy where everyone who are trying to sort out the mess a good pat on the back becuase it seems like everything is better now when really not much has changed.

Mervyn King is up for a knighthood for the QE money savings, quantitative easing is proving quite lucrative for everyone involved so Mervyn will soon be Knighted for his good work.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…The Bank Of England Keeps The Base Rate Of Interest Low. As If It Means Anything…’