Bilderberg Group Is No Secret World Government?


Todays post is a re write of a post made yesterday some of which maybe just all wrong the post includes snippets of data about David Cameron, the Middle East, the up and coming Bilderberg group meeting in Watford, Tony Blair and the Arab Spring. We move coast to coast from North Africa to the original Bilderberg to the Bilderberg group we know and love today. Adam Lovejoy reports from Watford about the Bilderberg group meeting event announced this week to  in Watford  and just like last time they announce these things before every G8 summit so I am sure you agree there is a broad connection between the two.

This news is nothing new it has been reported year after year by the same people. This post is a reaction to a post made yesterday on Stirring Trouble Internationally by another author.

The Bilderberg group historically was said to be anti Pope Benedict XVI whether this is true or not is not being debated by two authors over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. You can find out where they each come from by reading todays article. There seems to be a bit of a discretion about who said what about which meeting and the historical ties that bind  the Bilderburger bun together.

The team of Davos are very instrumental on Youtube and you can watch the video’s of these meetings to get an idea of what they will be talking about secretly in Watford and publicly at the G8 in Hyde Park, the two it seems go hand in hand..

  • The Arab Spring that swept nation near the Ivory Coast.
  • North Africa and the people who travelled all the way to Bethlehem
  • Middle East and all the troubles coming out of this area.

blair bilderberg

The fact that Prime Minister David Cameron decided to attend this year’s Bilderberg gathering proves once again that it’s a meaningless meeting.

Just like Tony Blair, who made a big fuss in the past by visiting the Bilderberg gatherings.


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