Paris Jackson Curious About Father

Paris JacksonSTi

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEDan Majestic reports bluntly from Los Angeles with his own satirical tone that does incite a reaction and create more creativity. The news seems to be that Paris Jackson is not in good shape after an incident recently. Everyone have listened to this cry out for help, and I am sure the rest of the world hopes she will be better sometime soon too.

Lots of rumours flying around here about Paris Jackson’s who knows what the truth is, I say does it really matter? As long as she can get to grips with her own situation I am sure she will be ok. Time is a great healer.

It must be hard being the daughter of the late great Michael Jackson a lot of pressure from everyone, other artists in the music industry may expect things from her or perhaps the musical family hope one day she will be just like her daddy.

It is not nice but it seems Paris has tried to commit suicide and my thoughts go out to  the Jackson family at this difficult time, things will never be quite the same, but I am sure after the transition Paris will be back to tip top shape again.

Paris Jackson on the mobile phone

Calabasas, in California is where Paris Jackson lives, very near all the family and everyone I am sure are very concerned about her recovery.

It is not unusual for a  black man to be loved by anyone and no matter what they say it happens everyday you see me talk about Jackson, and the Jackson family but we do not often hear about Paris Jackson, I am sure she will get better soon and go beyond the scale of mediocrity and do something very special. These types of transitions can be very difficult for teenagers.

How about that Barack Obama must be able to say something again to cheer everybody up, after all these conditions are becoming more and more widespread. It is definitely a time to be very happy not sad.

It seems everyone nowadays wants to go to the White House and play homage to the people who have served there, California is but a stones throw away from Washington.

The US President is an accepted thing and amazingly Michael Jackson would have been well pleased to see Barack Obama in the White House.

Paris Jackson on a UK mobile

Let’s hope that Paris gets over her shock of realising that Jackson may not be her real dad. And get on with her life.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘Now Why On Earth Would Paris Think That Michael Jackson Wasn’t Her Real Father?