Queen Opens The BBC’s New Extension. A Case Of Surreal Bordering On The Surreal

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There seems to be a bit of a mixup at BBC radio this morning when the BBC One radio team gave an opening ceremony dor the New Extension inviting the Queen along to listen to the performance. New Broadcasting House brought in a nice new band that sings king and Queen lyrics and BBC Radio 1situated now in Portland Place seemed well pleased and apparently explained the difference between Coronation Street and Eastenders.STi

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEBroadcasting House has been going through a refit for quite some time and London remains a hotspot for radio access.Ben Delicious reports from central London about the day, he possibly watched the broadcast on television this morning.

Ben noticed Lots of excitement at the launch of the BBC‘s new extension in Portland Place The Queen and her hubby sat through the entertainment as bands like the Script played music live right in front of them. The new extension maybe quite small judging by the tv show this morning.

The Queen popped over to officially open the £1 billion extension.

dubbed the New Broadcasting House, the new building that deliver mediocre programmes.

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Yes, Her Majesty actually graced the studio of BBC Radio 4, making a short broadcast, and then moved to BBC Radio 1. Even when the Chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, her adviser actually according to his title, greeted Her Majesty with a handshake without bowing, the Queen kept on smiling.

She also asked questions about Coronation Street, her favourite soap opera and the BBC explained the importance of Eastenders a TV show about London filmed outside of London. It is great to know the BBC are still settling in London and not moving to Manchester or Wales where the overheads are perhaps cheaper.

Broadcasting House, but was told that the BBC makes a different show, Eastenders,  and that it is filmed outside London, to make it look more lifelike.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘Queen Opens The BBC’s New Extension. A Case Of Surreal Bordering On The Surreal’