Bill Gates David Cameron Support Nutrition Summit Protests Against Hunger

Support Nutrition Summit
R.F.Wilson is in Hyde Park London again this time he is at the Against Hunger the Nutrition Summit with Bill Gates and David Cameron took the stage and got up on the podium speaking at the Nutrition Summit. The protests are a common part of these types of events and this year was know different other than the Support of Danny Boyle, the additional voices from Northern Ireland and the recent local Watford Bilderberg group meeting. In todays article Mr Wilson plays homage to the Trainspotting film again in his own joking way. G8 summit is approaching with ten days left till the big occasion and with it come all sorts of fringe gatherings and events that make the whole worthless exercise look even more pathetic.

Support The Nutrition Summit

The Londoners come out of the woodwork and attend the summit it is the obvious choice for an event like this and Northern Ireland was an option which may also be host to a similar campaign later on in the year.

There has been a lot of excitement in the United Kingdom about Bill Gates turning up to the country taking time out of his busy reading and writing to talk to the politicians, it is only natural to expect anti-globalist protesters at these types of events. The London Nutrition Summit chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron at the Hyde Park London event.

Nutrition Protests Against Hunger Watch

Energised by his trip to the meeting of the Nutrition Bilderberg group in Watford, who made a passionate plea to give more money to poor countries where people are dying on hunger watch.

The whole concept of this ‘battle against hunger’ basically boils down to the rich countries providing food aid to Africa Western retailers.

The demo in Hyde Park gathering was that developed nations should be giving more food to poor countries.

Hyde Park G8 Nutrition Summit With Bill Gates And David Cameron

Bill Gates nutrition summitThe gig in Hyde Park of billionaire computer wizard Bill Gates and that genius of film directing, with such gems to his credit as Trainspotting, Danny Boyle all chipping in at the G8.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘Of Nutrition Summits And Protests Against Hunger And Rubbish Said On The Subject