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New books fresh CDs and all kinds of stuff in today’s entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Startling news from Beady Eye and Elton John is back on the scene. One Direction are back and we get some info about the news from Liam Gallagher. You will now read daily reflections cited from Elvis Presley, get the upbeat news about Antalya, Katie Melua and another musician Conor Maynard who also has a book to accompany the CD. More nostalgia about Queens Of The Stone Age and find out what Britney Spears is up to musically that is. Freddie Matthews writes from Antalya, Turkey: 20 year old British singer Conor Maynard has announced a new ‘book’ release. Titled ‘Take Off’ the book tells the story of his rise to fame over the last 18 months.

Maynard says he’s very excited about the autumn release and meeting many of his fans while doing signings all over the UK.

elton john and queens of the stone age

The King or should I say Queen of pop Elton John has been ranting about the new Queens Of The Stone Age album this past week.

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Fingate also look after the back catalogue for the likes of Elvis Presley, Foo Fighters and Britney Spears and now also One Direction.

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Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye are to have their new album cover censored. The British Prime Minister says he’s on the lookout for a new favourite band after 80′s indie legends The Smiths’ singer Morrissey banned him from liking their music.

Pity any band like Chase & Status or Katie Melua should Cameron favour them. However it’s the Glastonbury headliners he’s turned to and I’m not talking about The Rolling Stones.

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