The US-China Summit – Michelle Obama Peng Liyan Barack Obama

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Anton Goryunov responds to the news about Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and their daughter in Peng Liyan at the US-China Summit. Peng Liyuan is very instrumental at these types of events and the story response is made from the Mojave Desert. Lots of people in California are watching aimlessly in the United States trying to figure out what Xi Jinping will say at the US-China Summit. Everyone have something to say about this scoop so lets read now about what was said and the solutions on offer to fix everything.

A position has arised in the US-China relationship. As President Xi Jinping had arrived two days ago with his rock chick wife, Peng Liyuan, to California, to hold a summit with US President Barack Obama, the US First Lady, Michele Obama, was nowhere to be seen and their daughter on her birthday. Jo Biden’s wife, who’s no fun, as everyone knows, and can’t even hold her drink properly.

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The other matter that President Xi was bound to raise with his host is whether America can afford to sell China more of its IOUs, because the amount of money it owes China has already hit the $10 trillion mark and keeps on rising. Not to mention that the official stats that supposedly reflect the state of the Chinese economy are inflated and only total mugs can fall for that communist rubbish.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘The Thing About The US-China Summit Is That It Lacked Any Glamour


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  1. China cares about individual issues as much as the US. But it baffles us when the US raises many issues, such as cyber security, to a height closely related to strategic relations between the two countries. Is it a hoax to threaten China, or is it because the US believes each of the issues is more important than anything else?

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