US Intelligence Agencies Use PRISM To Spy On The Web CIA Privacy Edward Snowdan From The National Security Agency

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CIA Privacy Whistleblower Edward Snowdan Says Prism Six Years Of Snooping

Dan Majestic reports from Washington: Lots of fuss has been made here and across the pond about revelations by former CIA

IT engineer Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been running a covert operation codenamed Prism to monitor traffic on the Internet,

Snowden leaked this info to Washington Post and the British Guardian that spying was going on for about six years.

The former CIA IT man is now seeking political asylum, having fled to Hong Kong last month, hoping to avoid getting a taste of waterboarding or something even more unpleasant.

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Prism Is Used To Spy On The Web says CIA National Intelligence Agencies

Already the International Modern Media Institute in Island has announced that it will do its best to help Snowden find a new home there. Whether the government of that proud nation would be keen to see him is doubtful though.

It turned out that the British GCHQ monitoring centre has been sharing information with the yanks about British citizens this is what Prism does.

Over here in Washington President Barack Obama was more straightforward than PM Cameron and said that secret programmes like the Prism were crucial for keeping America safe.

  • He pointed out, cunningly I thought, that Americans would have to make a choice and balance their privacy with their security.
  • Mr Obama has recently received another Nobel Peace Prize for his part in the operation.

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