Who The Hell Uses Facebook To Send Out Invites To Private Parties?

facebook house party

R.F.Wilson reports from somewhere in Surrey:

Yet another private house party,

This time in Surrey, goes terribly wrong, when it is besieged by gatecrashers who got word from Facebook about the date and the time and the place.

Police had to intervene, to break up a crowd of around 150 people who went nuts. A woman police officer was hurt and a police dog bit one of the revellers who got too excited about the whole thing.

Now, this is not the first case and it won’t be the last. On this occasion, though, the damage to the property was not substantial but in the past there was some serious ‘demolition work’ taking place, when lowlifes, who have nothing better to do, gatecrashed private parties leaving a trail of destruction.

stirringtroubleinternationally.comCall me a cynic, but I have no idea why would anyone send out invites to a private gathering on Facebook? How stupid do you need to be to advertise your house party when everyone knows now that all sorts of nasty creeps, including spooks from the CIA and other intelligence services, are monitoring messages on Facebook and other social media. And if so many stories have already been told and retold about thugs gatecrashing private parties, why risk it?

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