Economies Slipping Chancellor George Osborne And Spin Doctors Cure

George Osborne at Conservative Spring Forum 20...

George Osborne at Conservative Spring Forum 2006 in Manchester. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

george osborne economyThe Chancellor George Osborne is on the move again and to sweeten the deal he says the  British economy will be back in business and everything will be running as normal in no time. What you might want to know is the message has been reinforced by very clever thinkers who know how to spin a yarn.

George and the spin doctors do a better job together at getting the message across. The  Mansion House speech is a great example of what is possible when politicians and spin doctors get together and execute a clever plan of action.

English: Mark Carney, Canadian banker

English: Mark Carney, Canadian banker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney is coming in with a plan to stack up the IOUs owed by government bodies. A lot of people are trying to figure out what are the toughest questions that Mark Carney will ask. The hope is that Carney gets tough on British banks. His home town thinks Mark Carney may well face a culture shock. And not everyone are confident the George Osborne merger with the BoE can help in anyway other than create more paperwork. Which also means cancelling any debts owed that cannot be paid can easily be hidden or sold to people who invest in debts.


Mongolia (Photo credit: USAID_IMAGES)

In Mongolia things are slightly different as you will see from today’s initial findings it makes sense to be a mongolian investor. Tsakhia Elbegdorj the newly reelected leader has guaranteed wealth in the area from the sale of expensive minerals found only in Mongolia.Mongolia has established diplomatic relations with the State of Eritrea. Mining wealth distribution is at the heart of Mongolia’s presidential elections and Mongolia has also decided to revise its anti-money laundering law you can read what the Lawyers are saying over on Mogolia dot com. Representative of Mongolia presented his credentials to the General Secretary of ASEAN. Mongolia in Deel 2013” Festival is scheduled on July 13, 2013. The Central Bank of Mongolia cut its Policy Interest rate by 1.0. Over 400 observers and 40 foreign journalists have been having a field day reporting news from the Presidential Elections of Mongolia on Newera Resources to recover coal samples for quality and washability testing in these desirable minerals

English: Mongolia president Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

English: Mongolia president Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George Osborne is to continue inside helping  the Treasury. Exceptions to government moratoria, Organogram (MO) and staff pay data for HM Treasury Group. HM Treasury workforce management information has made a nice News Release for the Bank of England and HM Treasury Funding for Lending Scheme usage and it seems there is a new Marriage tax law WILL be in place by 2015 but minister’s pledge. No coincidence the ‘no money’ note has been released about the Treasury note how we saw it and why it matters. Close allies of many treasuries are always the Rothschild Bank the reason for this is explained in this satirical entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The Treasury building viewed from St. James' Park

The Treasury building viewed from St. James’ Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Royal Bank of Scotland as we all know and support have become nationalised the main reasons if you have forgotten why again are over on the main website. Reportedly on Channel 4 the RBS treatment in one bank was so horrendous to a couple that the story was aired on prime time TV. Investec upgrades Royal Bank of Scotland shares outlook and the ex-Chancellor Darling recommends that the Government must avoid Lloyds and this RBS what he calls a fire-sale. I have done my best to give you the background information and my hope is that you will take it all with a pinch of salt once the facts are all back in place. Of economies slipping out of comas. And chancellors putting a positive spin on disasters.