Why Don’t David Cameron Put The Stephen Lawrence Family In Charge Of Scotland Yard?

stephen lawrenceAnger of Stephen Lawrence’s brother as Met rejects claim he was targeted, Stephen Lawrence’s mum has lost trust in the police over some smear campaign and the QC Michael Mansfield thinks the people s commission have some questions to answer. Others think the GMP faces fresh Stephen Lawrence allegations and as already mentioned Stephen Lawrence’s mum Doreen was to meet Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

The Guardian and Channel 4 came up with an exclusive story about the police ‘digging up dirt’ on the Lawrences and a friend of the late Stephen 20 years ago. It’s the Soviet Union all over again. Could it be that MPs are getting back at the police for investigating some of their comrades who have been caught fiddling their expenses and ended up in prison?

theresa mayThe family of Stephen Lawrence Doreen Lawrence has met Home Secretary Theresa May and demanded that a public inquiry into the allegations that police secretly gathered information about her family is held.

The Lawrence’s have asked for them to investigate the Special Demonstration Squad from 30 years of archives.

Look, the death of Stephen was a tragedy but the whole police force should not have such a thing dragged out for so long. Stirring Trouble Internationally asks the question – Why does David Cameron not put the Stephen Lawrence family in charge of Scotland Yard?