President Obama Is Visiting Africa. Even Though No One Knows Why

obama senegal Stirring Trouble InternationallyThis is a satirical look at a visit to Africa this week by the President of the United States in Kenya Barack Obama. This funny entry uses silly quotes of Adolf Hitler to exemplify the price of visiting Africa. Barack Obama, George W. Bush have all paid lots of money to go there. Nelson Mandela has not well in hospital so it is good that Obama has visited Robben Island and that the White House was able to foot the bill for his visit, there are always other reasons why diplomats visit there. So with that said Anton Goryunov has prepared a report from Pretoria that outlines something is definitely not right with US President Barack Obama.

In this damning financial report you can read about the sort of security that Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler could only dream of. The White House have responded to these questions by saying that it is no big deal really and that when former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush visited Africa, similarly vast amounts of money had been spent on them as well. With the Chinese Communist Party  recommendations of any visit to Africa would definitely enhance and deepen relationships with Africa, yesterday the article covered what happened to China when they decided to do a similar thing and the consequences of their decisions.

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Senegal is a popular spot where Mr Obama visited Goree Island an Island rich in American history. It appears that Mr Mandela’s family have rightly decided that a visit to the hospital by President Obama would not have been helpful to his recovery. Jacob Zuma and others noticed Obama going into Robben Island where Mr Mandela spent 18 years of his 27 year prison term. President Obama Is Visiting Africa. Even Though No One Knows Why.  A satirical, humorous entry about Adolf Hitler, Africa, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela, Obama, Robben Island and the White House.