Celebrating The Birth Of The Royal Baby

St Mary Duchess of Cambridge and the Hello magazine deal this often happens and is one luxury of being the  Royal Family or a politician. Ed Miliband has some interesting views shared over on Stirring Trouble Internationally about the monarchy in Britain and other liberal politicians have openly come out and said what they think the baby will be ‘saying they are pretty sure it will be a girl, perhaps they know something we don’t, would you like to share with the prenatal group? leave your blurbs down below please, what do you think about the baby boomers, girl or boy? Kensington Palace will soon be taking a visit to register the birth of the royal baby. Behind the scenes news from the BBC is about the wall-to-wall reporting from St Mary’s hospital asking passers-by similar questions we ask here on Stirring Trouble Internationally it will be interesting to see the polls from Londoners and you folks around the world, what do you think? Please check in to the polling station below, it’s a simple a or b question.

Celebrating The Birth Of The Royal Baby