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Check Your Messages On Social Media

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Do you find yourself checking your emails first or your Twitter stream these are just some of the questions being made about Social media over on Stirring Trouble Internationally, a news based satirical website in London. Today they pick up where Feminism left of and shine a light on Victim playing in any Social network and draw a clear line and highlight the starting point of trouble in online communities like Facebook. Ben Delicious reports from London about Caroline Creado-Perez who defines herself online as a feminist on social media microsite Twitter. The news made the television here in the UK about Jane Austin again, we know about the passion for the book and have heard all the endless recommendations on television so it is only natural to have it now in your pocket.

Things are getting smaller so it is little wonder why someone on Twitter would  go out and play the victim on there mobile device. Share this post if you think this is something you would like your friends to have in their pockets to or send an email with this link included in your variety of favourite links.

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Obama Whitehouse
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President Obama And The Zimmerman Trial

Today’s entry highlights how everyone mentioned play the race card including Senator John McCain in the US Senate.

Compiled in today’s news for people living in America a people interested in politics. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin have all visited the White House and said their share.

Here in Britain Neil Kinnock said some things years ago which also puts an interesting angle on this case. It is interesting to hear everyone finding their voice on such a controversial statement.

Dan Majestic an observer in Washington translating his observations about the US President Barack Obama on the topic of the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford, Florida.


Florida (Photo credit: colros)

The recent series of events have stirred up a lot of feelings and both Barack Obama have John McCain have shared their take to the United States on the matter and Joe Biden has also chimed in.

There is also interesting news from Sanford Florida about other politicians from the past pulling out the race card including Sarah Palin, so Stirring Trouble Internationally is now sharing another angle from an intelligent observer.

Dan Majestic’s take on what George Zimmerman shared recently. And how it has inspired people to share on a topic not usually spoke about.

Stirring Trouble Internationally – By All Standards President Obama Blew It In The Aftermath Of The Zimmerman Trial.

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Reform Of The House Of Lords? If It Gets Real Power The Commons Would Be Out Of Business
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the queenR.F.Wilson reports from London the British thronejust like Grandma  they like to listen to the band Yes, in Kensington Palace,  Great Grandma  Great uncle Bulgaria. In West London near Paddington in Sainsbury’s celebrating the birth of George. The belly Blubbered after eating lots of small sardines on sticks in Spain. I Worry For Little George. Too Many Weird People Surround Him.

And it started with a walk through Kensington Palace in London where there is a lovely European coffee shop just like the ones he seen in Spain and the beer from Bulgaria was a better price a lot easier when getting the rounds in. The Monarchy of the United Kingdom drank champagne in Buckingham Palace to celebrate and a bottle of Pimms from Sainsbury for Elizabeth II tumblr glass is full.

Read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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Breaking News Art

breakingnewsisnotbreakingnewsNews from London Stirring Trouble Internationally is a News agency review site. One song in the news this week is the OMG (song) and Breaking news, Twitter, find out more about R.F.Wilson, World News, Current affairs (news format). R.F.Wilson reports from London OMG the big TV and radio networks actually get most of their breaking news from other news providers, like news wires responding to Breaking News and art.

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The Chilcot Inquiry
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#TheChilcotReport #WarInIraq Publishing Date

tony blair chilcotQuick update from London about the recent war in Iraq, a handful of people inside Whitehall  think Prime Minister Tony Blair chose Saddam Hussein for the one reason that he had big weapons that could cause harm to the world, nothing has yet been conclusive to support this. Britain then went on to invade Iraq because of this intelligence.

Todays post by Adam Lovejoy is a brief reminder of all this and looks into how the Chilcot inquiry is going and how the reason for the reports slow delivery. Tony Blair and Saddam Hussein both two apposing players in the Iraq War and the section of the Iraq Inquiry from London, Whitehall by John Chilcot date is announced over on the main website Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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#PearlsofWisdom For Prince Charles And William #RoyalBaby

The Royal Family have a challenging time ahead of them. In today’s article Adam Lovejoy shares his experienced ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. What advice would Diana Princess of Wales  give to guide them, find out what goes where in the Kensington Palace. Find out what advice he has for Charles Prince of Wales and read all about the comments made by Prince William in his moments of pride and Joy in this witty article. This is an article advising everyone from the Queen herself to the Prince William Duke of Cambridge on how to not age quickly and light reminder about the overprotective royal protection squad for George Alexander Louis. Life in the Palace has its luxuries although as we have seen over the years growing up in a lower middle class environment is much more beneficial for a boy to grow up and fit in. One things clear in today’s article some decisions announced reported over on Stirring Trouble Internationally which support the national statistics and avoid any doubt about class and social structure. The birth has created a lot of excitement and challenged people to dig deep and remember lots of interesting things and bring out and use the old tea cups. This is a great time for discussions. ‘…There is no time like the present’ to give this sort of advice and ‘…The early bird catches the worm’ two clichés that best describe what is happening. The thing is the Internet is full of advice, bringing it all together is the challenging bit. Once you know you will understand the wise words shared here. Take it from someone who knows about parenting and raising a family in a fast changing world these are the things that keep people up all night worrying. Adam Lovejoy reports from London about Prince William  Kensington Palace the Queen the royal protection squad and Princess Diana. Prince Charles the Royal Family  age quickly  a word of advice: if you want to be ‘normal’, skip your turn on the throne.

Royal Baby Photos, Video: Kate Middleton, Prince William Debut Newborn Son! (
Kate gives birth to a ‘beautiful’ baby boy with Prince William by her side (
Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Baby Born: Gender Revealed (
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Thank God It’s A Boy! #RoyalBaby

The #royalbaby is born and thank God it is a baby boy the Royal family a celebrating throughout last nights full moon as people went out and celebrated them to a happy meal in places like #McDonald’s. This post includes a satirical observations from people living in London who took time out their busy day to go out and hang around where the Monarchy live and deliver for members of family to the fold. The BBC and Yahoo have provided a medium for the world to watch the Monarchy of the United Kingdom, public services a react as the birth became a success this sent an upsurge in social media interaction with the public and creates a buzz on Twitter.

This report is from London if you are a fan of God and the royal family hit the like button. Perhaps you have followed this story and are grateful to the BBC for providing happy viewing and were one of the people of Britain who rushed down to McDonald’s to buy a happy meal. Read the full satirical article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally here: Thank God It’s A Boy! And All Those Feminists Who Were Hoping For A Girl Can Go To Hell

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