Scotland Yard Madeleine McCann Portugal To Britain

madeline mccanStirring Trouble Internationally News: The Search For Madeleine McCann

R.F.Wilson reports from London Algarve  Madeleine McCann Scotland Yard  boys in blue Praia da Luz  British citizens Portugal Prime Minister David Cameron Britain. Scotland Yard says now going to look for Madeleine McCann for real. [Read more]

Stirring Trouble Internationally News: Portugal Prime Minister Speak To Scotland Yard About Madeleine McCann

The Portugal Prime Minister and David Cameron from Britain are in constant talks about London Algarve  and Madeleine McCann case archived by Scotland Yard. The chance for the  boys in blue to wrap up the case as quickly as possible is on as the race to Praia da Luz  is back on proving that British citizens are still the best travellers around the world.  [Read more]

Stirring Trouble Internationally News: British Citizens In Portugal Praia da Luz With David Cameron From Britain

The McCann family are British Citizens who lost their daughter recently whilst on vacation. They ended up front page news thanks to the Scotland Yard  boys in blue who have done everything they can to find out what exactly happened in Praia da Luz all those years ago. The reports from London about the Algarve  seem to give new evidence that suggests Madeleine  is still alive and well. They are all British citizens in Portugal having a look around and Prime Minister David Cameron Britain may also go there again because it is very nice this time of year. [Read more]

STi News: Scotland Yard boys in blue From Britain Dressed As British Citizens Looking For Madeleine McCann

At the bar in Portugal British citizens are speaking to more and more under cover Scotland Yard boys in blue as the campaign is stepped up again. The questions tourist reports from London in the Algarve  is about Madeleine McCann. New Scotland Yard  boys in blue at Praia da Luz , Portugal on orders by the Prime Minister David Cameron are there, the hunt is back on and the news about the trip goes back to Britain. [Read More]