Celebs Advertising Stuff So People Buy It?

Andy Murray wins the cup for the UK now its time to fly the flag for large businesses a favourite for advertising agencies and years after they will sit around the table telling each other what an amazing advertising ad campaign it was. All the winners get this privilege sometimes though these advertising contracts get awarded to not winners but average people, often all it takes is a record with a live audience at the right time in the right place. R.F. Wilson reports from London:

In today’s article you will read about Andy Murray and get an incite into how the advertising process works, now it is a satirical inside look at the advertising industry in general.

For years and years people have wanted to know who will win at Wimbledon and some have even bought tickets to watch the games unfold, from Cliff Richard to husbands and wives of the players Wimbledon is a popular spot where strawberries sell like crazy.

Pippa Middleton likes strawberries and there is no need to advertise with tennis players like  Boris Becker advertised tennis paraphernalia and by another interesting sport person David Beckham who sold apparel and aftershaves as well as football boots and football shirts. Then there is Sir Bradley Wiggins or comedian Paul Whitehouse who are not necessarily your average Joe celebs yet they still get to advertise stuff. How Does That Make People Buy It? Well the proof is in the pudding, the price and the return on investment, find out more here [Read more] hope this helps you with your own advertising campaigns.