The Royal Birth A Boy

william and kateIt has been a long time waiting and all the preparations have been put in place ready for the big day. Adam Lovejoy reports from outside St Mary’s Hospital in London about the birth of Michael.

Kate Middleton son will be called Michael after Kate’s dad the other option was Signal which was a Unilever  find out what that means and more by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally a news based website in London. Alternatively you can check out Nekrassov Books where you will find three books from Amazon we want you to know about and some blog posts from author Alexander Nekrassov.

It has been a busy nine months waiting for Prince William the Duke of Cambridge the whole family are waiting in anticipation for the new baby boy to arrive. The royal birth is sure to be an amazing time, the new pram is ready to go, they have stocked up on nappies and nappy sacks for disposing of old nappies and the Duke of Cambridge will be only to happy to do what it takes to be a great pops.

prince charles Life in Victoria Kensington Palace is going to be a vibrant place to be once the new baby arrives and the changing of the guards will continue as usual. Now they know its a boy common sense says Micheal will have plenty of mentors around him to inspire and direct him the the right direction where The royals want to be.

And at the House of Windsor there will be bells and whistles, hats and jokes, crackers and everyday is Christmas for grandpops Charles.

If you are a British nationality law British citizen you do not want to miss this one, so with that said he is A sneak preview of the Royal family royal birth.