Cyclists Cycling In Politically Correct Cities


In the past 13 years cyclists in London has more than doubled in size. More protesting by cyclists this week, give them an inch and they take up the road, armed with all the bells and whistles making pedestrians and dog owners lives misery. Expect a day of annoying bell sounds and people shouting the most unusual things and later there will be spot checks for lights and assistance will be on hand to help with instructions to fix the chain, how to find a puncture on the fly and even where the best bike trials are found other than the main road. R.F.Wilson asks the question in London this week and starts of by asking are cyclists a hinderance to the road and asks the burning question on most people on the roads minds during the sunny period are traffic lights worth the bother?

The cyclists have even made a hashtag #Space4Cycling for the protest highlighting another death of a foreign exchange student in Whitechapel here in London, Britain. A London Cycling Campaign 1st anniversary of Philippine de Gerin-Ricard’s death a cyclist who was a victim of the cycling laws that are being peddled in society these days. The meet-up happens at 6.15pm today in Tower Hill, London and they will be taking over the roads from London Bridge to Algate East.

Expect the roads to be awash with politically correct people on the road hot, dazed and confused with all the goings on. It is not far from Mayor Boris Johnson offices so I expect he may even attend for a speech.  traffic flow.

Next week is a similar thing, the politically correct cyclists will be raising the British flag half mast next week in the name of charity to raise cash to help Breast Cancer research as cyclists boldly cycle from Malta to London starting on the 19th July. The organisation to find out more about this is Alive 2013 charity. If you are a cyclist in a city count your lucky stars you still have a license but please stop ringing those bells and shouting the most bizarre things to get attention its quite distracting and will no doubt only turn into an accident, scateboarders and people roller blading don’t do it so why do this?

If you are concerned about cycling on the city streets you can take a test and improve your skills, I have provided a document I have found online which gives you half the story, just like the London Mayor does over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In the city of Paris the rent-a-bike around the city is making money, people there like bikes the roads are much more like in Thailand and Asia where people have faith in the flow of traffic rather than a dumbfounded faith in the traffic lights at night in the city also electric trams are very popular in Europe.

If you are a cyclist and love cycling and looking for mentors from history to idly worship then Wikipedia has this great link, it is called a list of cyclists since 1880’s and includes the greats like we have warned you about over the years here like dope head Lance Armstrong and the British winning poster child idle Mark Cavendish. Go on indulge yourself I think you will find it is the most comprehensive list currently online >> Continue reading… Cyclists in cities can go to hell, the politically correct freaks!