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Stirring Trouble Internationally team are big fans of British football with that said today’s informative sports article is about Wayne Rooney, the Premier League, Manuel Pellegrini, Arsène Wenger, Arsenal FC, London, Manchester United FC covering the whole of England soccer that you might want to know about.

wayne rooney and jose Mourinho

Ted Obvious reports from London about the English Premiership sports football news and recent updates abut transfers in the English premiership.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho would like Wayne Rooney from  Man U on his team, which is a very expensive deal to do.

Read the full article to find out more about Stanford Bridge and a  Russian oligarch. Wayne Rooney will have to like the rest prove himself like national teams do.

arsene wenger emirates stadium

Alvaro Negredo is a forward player who has been building up his profile and causing a bit of a storm on the pitch.

Manuel Pellegrini the football manager of Man City is spending lots of money in the multi millions just under 50 ml on new players.

The gunners Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is also buying newish players for the United Kingdom premiership league.  

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