Yanks Considering Invading Syria #STi Stupid Way Of Thinking

Assad it seems is bothering peoples views about Syria, representatives of the USA Barack Obama and John McCain chips in with the discussions. The United States Joint Chief of Staff have to observe Obama and never forget what happened to leaders like Richard Nixon and the situation with the Internal Revenue Service not forgetting the Osama Bin Laden blunder by Washington. Martin Dempsey reveals all in this interesting article.

martin dempseyDan Majestic reports from Washington about rumours of war in Syria.

So what if the Islamists will be in power in Syria and two million people die? President Barack Obama’s

Richard Dimpsey, who runs the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has revealed at a Senate hearing that he has provided the commander-in-chief with all the option available to launch a military strike against Al Assad.

senator mccain

The FBI investigation accompanied by the Internal Revenue Service a similar investigation happened years ago with Richard Nixon, the media had a field day. Senator McCain  is only too aware of what happened with the PoW losses in the sixties. Drones flying all over Syria so people can watch on television Assad as what happened with Osama Bin Laden in a previous mission. Are the yanks seriously considering invading Syria. Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.