Brave New World Of Adultery. In The Age Of Hi-Tech Communications

Adam Lovejoy reports from Amsterdam a post for married women and heads up reminder for when there hubbies go to Europe on vacation without them on stag nights etc. Here is a couple of Vine images from Amsterdam.

The article goes into some detail post mobile phones era and life before and after the Internet and how you can easily identify when they are in situations where it could go to far and in some way move into the realm of adultery. In this vine image below you see the boats with traditional family holiday gatherings on the canal you can book boats and stick together.

Adam also goes into key things to look out for and search for on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and why social media has created more and more triggers for both men and women to fall in the adultery trap. If you know or have been an adulterer yourself you will find some interesting and humourous things to identify with in todays entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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One thought on “Brave New World Of Adultery. In The Age Of Hi-Tech Communications

  1. Hmnn… Adultery seems almost archaic in our world of declining, delayed marriages and pre-kindergarten sex-education. And in a world of cameras and mini-microphones, unlikely to remain private for long. What can we expect? A lot of sauce for the goose, some long-suffering martyrdoms and the occasional gonadal display of sawn-off parts via You Tube.
    Oh, and lots of insanely screwed-up kids…

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