World Economy War On The Cards

Adam Lovejoy writes from Paris about the influx of news. Read all about celebs like Madonna. News about dissonance in Europe and laws on big wars from the past. And takes a predictive look at wars of the future.

Find out more about President Bashar al-Assad. Find out what is happening in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Taliban. And find out why the world economy could well mean a great big war could be on the cards.

This years topics have revolved around the Middle East, Bashar al-Assad and the Taliban.

The singer Madonna about celebrity singers and live concerts.

On the topic of fashion news reports come in from Paris.

From the Eurozone and life in the UK news you will find out latest news about the world economy and how it changes.

You can also read behind the scenes news reported from Afghanistan, Pakistan and places like that.