Comedians And Political Correctness

R.F. Wilson writes fromstand up comedy London about comedians and political correctness satire and comedy. Again another look at the Jon Stewart on The Daily Show that mixes politics and ideology into a language that people understand.

The comedy routines R.F. Wilson talks about say’s is wrote specifically for ‘targeting big bank or a particular insurance company’ using slapstick comedy with all the bells and whistles we know as content is just a clever plan to get noticed and sponsored, the industry is struggling but people still need to be entertained.

You can find out all laughter best medicine about that and how to make one change in your act that will guarantee you get noticed. If you want to know about this one little tweak in your act then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and have a read what he has to say about comedians,  comedy films  and humorous political correctness?