Weird Crisis In Egypt

Anton Goryunov is at the Egypt crisis againviolence in egypt in Cairo Egypt and thinks civil war there is very weird. Money is getting thrown around there left right and centre.

This is a skeptical review of Democracy Now and the support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Middle East and North Africa. He singles out Quatar as a country supportive of change. The financial backing on the street is showing signs of why crisis occurs and the financial backing that gives it a boost and pays for the arms on the street.

There are talks about the struggle the United Nation have been having in trying to theoretically understand 60 years of hardship instead of getting in the middle and creating peace.

More talk about US President Barack Obama and Hosni Mubarak combined making a clear point about the similarities rather than the differences between Christianity and Islamic faiths. Choosing words very carefully the US President has sent signals to the Egyptian military who have been given the nod about the financial difficulties and how they are pulling out of financing these arguments. To many people have been hurt over the years and the riots we have seen this week have been beyond the pale.

The financial security from Saudi Arabia is also something worth examining, find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.