Syrian Insurgents
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Sanity In The Syrian Crisis Resolution

syria chemical weaponsReactions and theories are coming in from all around the world,  the Syrian crisis continues to grow and Barack Obama continues to put pressure on Bashar al-Assad in Syria and the UN inspectors searching for chemical weapons. Halla Diyab explains what is happening as it happens to Syrian people and explains again the newest UN Security Council resolutions.  President Barack Obama and the US government are currently on shutdown mode for two days at least along with the museums.

The Syrian civil war has troubled everyone including  the US because of the sarin gas attack on Aleppo.

The Syrian rebels have been working together to topple the Syrian government which is experiencing even more difficulties than the USA.

syrian chemical weapon victims

Syria‘s neighbours have been feeling the pinch too and Saudi Arabia are doing their best you know to help situations because there is a chance that rebels could sign up with al Qaeda. Christians have been publicly executed and residents in the area are living in fear for there lives from both sides. President Obama, September 8 and the Syrian Christians leaving Maaloula to get away from al Qaeda the jihadist group reportedly offering false hope to people who pledge allegiance like puppets on a string.

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Queues in Greece banks
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EU Orders Left-Wing Coup Of Greek Government

eu ordersEU orders have propagated a lot of angry rants from various people about Cyprus. The European Central Bank and the European Union apply pressure on everyone within the Eurozone. Angela Merkel hopes Athens will do what Brussels says because the European Union are spending a lot of other peoples money to keep Federal Europe in check. Greece falls into two categories. The Greek people awaiting Nikos Michaloliakos response to the future of further politics in Greece that will make the EU orders possible and they hope balance the scales and make the figures look better than they actually are. Anton Gorynov has wrote this detailed article from Athens.

Followers of the Angela Merkel and the team in Brussels are doing all they can to get the right message out to the rest of Europe  who will have to dig even deeper to help out Greece a former host of the Olympics a few years a go. There is a lot of money on the table and the last thing they want is someone to blow it all, especially when it is other peoples cash.

So the European Union’s are asking lots of questions, who wouldn’t?  The Greek government in addition are under suspicion of being members of the anti-EU Golden Dawn party. The MPs named it is believed have been dabbling in all sorts of stuff rather than following EU orders wasting the countries surplus on the arts.

The story although seeming something out of the movies is linked with shady rappers and followers of German Nazis 1936 values, its pretty much text book stuff. Anton manages to capture the uncomfortable situation between the two countries quite well and objectively highlights the main parts of scoop.

Anton thinks both Brussels and Greece have sold out to the same forces creeping in before World War II and underlines the National Socialists as the ring leaders, back in the 30’s and reappearing today in the EU orders from Federal Europe and its banking system ready for the next wave, a cone of power is needed to fix fire with fire.

Looks pretty similar these days, doesn’t it? A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous comments and analysis of EU orders, news and current affairs.

How Come Hollywood Makes Dope And Booze And Other S..t Look Cool?
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Cop Calls For Legalising Drugs

Mike BartonBen Delicious is in Durham again talking about Chief Constable Mike Barton.Find out more about Stephen Fry and newspapers like The Observer and other newspapers distributed in the north of England. Find out more about illegal drugs, the Treasury and the BBC. If you like watching these sorts of documentaries and are curious about why the Constable is sharing about legalising Dope then check out the link below.

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George Osbourne and the economy
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George Osborne Stand Up Comedy Gig

Adam Lovejoy reports from Manchester: Well, it had to happen and it did. George Osborne, the man who moonlights as Chancellor of the Exchequer  the Tory party, Prime Minister David Cameron, a comedian with his own comedy routine. Boy George and Parliament do another rendition of Stand Up Comedy over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. GeorgeOsborne Does Another Stand Up Comedy Gig On The Economy. But Fails To Raise A Single Laugh (


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Expense Of Sports And Government Propaganda

premiership footballThe Olympic games of the Ancient Greece, to the astronomical sums of of serious money to pay for players and how Nazi Germany during the war created a News program to start up the Olympic challenge and create a proper job in Sport.  R.F.Wilson is in London chatting about the Premiership Teddy Pendergrass and other players.Even ancient Greeks,  sport, The German Nazis and Soviet communists of religion, pretty much like it is done now in the liberal West, to give the masses something to get busy with.

We are now talking astronomical sums on financing the Olympics or football World Cups or athletics tournaments. TV news channels are now broadcasting sports news about injuries on and off the pitch, split ups with girlfriends and up and coming transfers to other clubs.

This is brainwashing, pure and simple. A cover-up for the sins of politicians and the bankers especially as serious money is made along the way. Wake up, everybody, as Teddy Pendergrass once sang! A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

bankers bonus
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Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme

global warmingGlobal warming and nuclear programmes around the world are proving to be a bit of a problem. Adam Lovejoy an investigative journalist reports from London about all this and more including new news about bankers bonuses. The man-made global warming con continues.

Find out what the International Panel on Climate Change are doing for the United Nations over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. There you will find in depth news about Iran’s nuclear program, climate change and the latest responses to speeches from US President Barack Obama and other popular political figures in the United States.

Around the world global news is flowing from Iran as much as it is in the US. The world of intelligence and fears of terrorism and environmental fears are set in stone. Examing individual local tragedies is another important part of reminding us what can happen without having this awareness.

So with that said if you are interested in world news read all about Samantha Lewthwaite the White Widow of Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi this is the latest terrorist attack to learn from.  If you live in London and want to know more about Sams background and curious about her relationship with Jermaine Lindsay and husband who paid a cruel visit to London Underground a few years ago. People watching out for terrorism will be shocked though not surprised by the connections to these two basket cases that have shocked people around the world.

george osborne bankersCloser to home here in the UK Chancellor George Osborne has announced some things and the chances are the Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, and the White Widow will give food for thought but not help the Banker’s Bonuses experience of inflation. When you look at both side of the figures and able to balance the figures you will get a better understanding financial ramifications of all these subjects. Please go over and have a read, with that said try and leave some intelligent comments. No time wasters!

james bond
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James Bond? He Was A Wimp And A Sissy

james bondWhen you actually read the new James Books you will find James is a bit of what can only be described as a sissy, similar descriptions have been made online of people who had faith in the word of Christ. Adam Lovejoy has been reading Ian Fleming James Bond books and more recent additions of the long standing popular spy novels. From London he shares his findings about Agent 007 and humorously challenges the buzz about James Bond excitement by consumers of books and films. He takes a look at the author in todays post Ian Fleming lifestyle and the way he describes Bond in the books compared to the films. Its funny and the link is below.

No James Bond review would be complete without talking about all the actors, one popular actor here in London is Roger Moore who played the forth version of James Bond in the movies. Roger Moore is known for having underwater flying cars, his predecessor Sean Connery came back in the nineties with a film, everyone likes Dr No the first film that Scottish Sean was in because he was portrayed as anything but a sissy. Find out about Sean, James and Ian over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In the real world of intelligence there are many books talking and trying to describe to readers who Mr Big is in various countries. Each country has a vision of the enemy and the hero.  Adam shares his experience of this and these readings and shares info about the James Bond nemesis SMERSH and reveals interesting information about the real agencies behind the scenes for years pressing all the buttons. Years ago the Soviet Union did also have Soviet military intelligence which proved itself in the Second World War, challenging the Adolf Hitler Nazis troops.

Compared to James Bond, Ian Fleming fast cars, alpha males and gadgetry James Bond was a bit of a sissy. In the films he wins every fight and is very lucky even though he was a bit of a wimp and a sissy, so believers take note.