President Obama Paying A Visit To Sweden

President ObamaStirring Trouble Internationally reports about Obama trip to Swedenobama stockholm instead of an arranged summit in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin cancelled last minute to avoid any embarrassment about Edward Snowden. The US at the G20 summit in St Petersburg was planned to be an entertaining event. President Obama on the Jon Stewart made his announcements a few weeks ago. On the show he also spoke about his passion for the World Hockey Championship and spoke his new dog named Anal. As you will find out he later expressed how he and his team of young writers felt about Syria and put to probes out to Senator John McCain  of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Chuck Hagel in an attempt to reinforce their points of view, as you will find out it did not go quite as they planned it to go.

‘Did President Obama Look Odd Paying A Visit To Sweden? Yep, Very Odd’ (