Economy, Sports, Pop Music And Big Wars

assad war in syriaEconomy Sports Pop Music And Big WarsThe economy around the world is feeling the pinch, all the best sports events are soon to end and not much great pop music is being released these days and to top it all of there is talk of big wars, what is going on?

Find out what Adam Lovejoy in Milan thinks about the matter over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

He gives some explanations why pop stars are feeling the pressure and in the world of sports why Yes the US Open ending soon is going to create a few months of latency in the world of sports.

Find out why Lance Armstrong must be over the moon and why the Rolling Stones still manage to break even when every other musician seems to fail.

And last but not least the reports and threats coming in about a  Third World War explained as yet as another financial write off. This is sure to go down a storm just like the big bang’ theory.

Brush up on your business knowledge of the Economy get an interesting perspective on sports available to watch in the UK. Also if you agree Pop Music has been taking a hit recently and are sick of news about Big Wars then get yourself over there now and join in the conversations by leaving your comments below.