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Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury

welby comedyWelcome to Stirring Trouble Internationally. In today’s satirical article Ted Obvious is in Lambeth Palace writing about Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury and his recent comedy appearances around the city.

Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered some pretty impressive stand-up comedy routines in the past and didn’t disappoint his audience once again last week, soon after the christening of Prince George, the son Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and heir to the British throne. The Archbishop appeared on the box in his capacity as comedian and said that he wouldn’t mind if Prince George would become a Buddhist when he grows up. Yep, that’s what he said. The prince, he said, is perfectly entitled to change his religion should he choose. And stuff those titles of his when he becomes king and the Defender of The Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Prince William, Jehovah Witnesses and Aston Villa FC read the rest over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. How about that Justin Welby Archbishop Of Canterbury

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The Carnage In Iraq

bush and blair iraqThe carnage in Iraq is flooding in, car bombs, explosives, deaths and injuries. In today’s article we look at the particular reasons how this all started and why now Iraq people are killing Iraq people. Find out how all this starts and how it happens elsewhere and once unstable its a really difficult process to fix.
Anton Goryunov wass in an area of Baghdad and we find him talking about the carnage in Iraq and the invasions that have happened in both the US and the UK in 2003. Read all about President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, Washington and London intelligence dossiers revealed about Saddam Hussein. The reported scoop of then wass about satellite pictures coming in a birds eye view of what happened and it also started with having WMDs in the area at the time of the troubles starting. If you are curious about what exactly happened in the Middle East of the war in Iraq and needing to know what is happening now, this post is a great way of understanding how it works. This is a satirical post about journalism around the world and how the reports coming in differs from on the ground in the area where it is happening and how the Soviet Union see’s it. Read the article in Full —->>> Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Adultery Is Big Business

adultery coupleDan Majestic writes from New York about Adultery has become big business these days. The films in Hollywood as you will find out underline all sorts of things about marriage. The films show marriage in a particular light which is not the most appropriate. Find out why this is good for the hotel industry and why other businesses are sprouting up.

You might have noticed the change in the advertising industry retargeting people in new ways, where they get their information from is anyones guess. The same thing is happening with TV ads find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. In case you don’t know this, adultery is big business these days.

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”Russians come here because no questions are asked about the money – none”

In this week’s Telling It like it Is, broadcaster James Whale and former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov join VoR’s Brendan Cole to discuss the tapping of Angela Merkel’s mobile phone, Britain’s f…

Jm Bob‘s insight:

Free schools, London House prices, Prince George christening and more over on Telling It Like It Is a popular radio broadcast over on The Voice Of Russia UK version. See on voiceofrussia.com

Let’s Be Cynical, Syria

Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt

weapons cacheThe Free Syrian Army often talk about Syrian opposition and its no secret that Paris is feeling the strain from what is happening and has brought up some old fears of the past. The United States and the Western world equally has a perception of what has been effecting the Middle East, this is a satirical light hearted look at Surface-to-air missile attacks and the recruitment process in place to overcome all the difficulties we are currently reading, watching and listening about when asked about how to fix the problems in Syria and is sponsorship really a good option, its been done before in other scenarios, so why not this one too.

Anton Goryunov is in Paris taking a look at America the Western powers that want to ‘help out’ and arm rebels round the world. Anton explores the thoughts and feelings outside of Syria and explores the variation of views out there on the topic of war and how in the past these things have troubled the world. They key thing to understand is there are no set rules and people have feelings as well you know.

map of syriaHow about launching an international charity called Adopt A Syrian Rebel? It would involve people sponsoring a member of the Free Syrian Army, say for a mere grand a month, getting his photograph on the map of Syria and receiving regular updates on his progress. Perhaps a Free Syrian Army to run a lottery  speeding up President al-Assad’s departure.

Become a proud owner of an artillery piece or a heavy machine gun or a surface to air missile, with their names emblazoned on them, going to a place where they would be used to fight for democracy and freedom? #STi Spoiler (Oct 25th 2013)

You can find out more about the Free Syrian Army and try and make your own mind up about who it is called Syrian opposition and how Paris, the United States, the Western world and the Middle East will be interpreting this sort of information like Surface-to-air missiles over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Why Not Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt? A cynical look at Syria, if you cannot be cynical then what is left in the world.

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Lefties Don’t Do Humour, They Do Propaganda

Everyday of every week “Russians come here because no questions are asked about the money – none” the more you look at it the easier it is the understand what is happening and where people are going wrong. In todays article you can read a spoiler about why lefties do not do humour they are actually doing propaganda, it’s all here on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Dan Majestic reports from New York: You know what they say about lefty comedians: they don’t do humour, they do propaganda, big, big difference, you know. Not to mention that substitute for humour ‘observational comedy’, which modern lefty funny men seem to love so much, picking subjects at random from daily life that are of no interest to anyone really. The whole mainstream comedy scene is liberal left-wing and even loony left a conservative and proud of it.’ Even the Fox channel, which is supposedly run by staunch right-wingers, peddles the most abysmal left-wing comedies.

These guys would be telling things that people now only talk about in the privacy of their homes, or when visiting watering holes with their buddies. And the first target of the right-wing funny men would be President Barack Obama. America but unfortunately, the way it is presented, it’s all about the white people hating others, mostly blacks and Hispanics. Right-wing comedians would have a go at left-wing politicians who are considered sacred by the current comedy lot. That weasel Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary would be getting the slack a lot, and quite rightly, and Jesse Jackson. Saturday Night Live, that lefty amateurish TV and lets face it’s not the best political satire out there these days. Sports for many has become like a religion these days ticket prices of tickets has inflated because of this. Lefties Don’t Do Humour, They Do Propaganda. Big, Big Difference, You Know.


Hands On With The New iPad Mini With Retina Display

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

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The first-generation iPad mini was near-perfect in terms of a small tablet, with the one big shortcoming being that it lacked Apple’s impressive Retina high-resolution display. It was hard to go back to a standard-res screen after the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, which is why it’s great that the new version offers a Retina screen.

The eye-boggling 2048 x 1536 screen looks excellent in person, and for anyone coming from a generation one device it’s going to be a dramatic change. The iPad mini itself is very slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor to accommodate the Retina Display with the same battery life, adding 0.01 inches and 0.05 pounds to the specs of the original, but that makes minimal difference to the actual feel of the product in the hand.

Also new to the iPad mini is a new space gray color scheme, which is lighter…

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