Eat On The Go?

eating on public transportIt does not matter where you live or where you have to commute to you are going to come across people eating on the train.

R.F.Wilson is in London, he is a well travelled man been to places like Spain and other public places and when it comes to public transport, he has seen it all. From people loudly munching on crisps, chippers or french fries to people tempted by the foodstuffs in their bag. You are advised in hot weather to bring a bottle and keep yourself rehydrated with the fluids. Mr Wilson shares his experience about that too.

This is the stuff that most people are thinking about when they are on the move. And like plastic bottles and this article it is something to play with whilst going from a – b to make you look busy on the journey.  A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally – Eat on the go? and why not relieve yourself in front of others?