Comedians Making Life Hell For Politicians

obama bush and cheneyPart two of the comedy about politicians saga over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. A couple of weeks ago Stirring Trouble Internationally reported the news about comedians, politicians and the decline in quality of the two.

R.F. Wilson is a writer and has some interesting views about comedians in London and politicians around the world.

The news still remains the same about the comedians struggle to continue to find gags about Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and all the politicians who’s lives are made hell by comedians.

Anyone who has ever moved in 10 Downing Street will tell you a similar thing: comedians have had the responsibility of explaining what is going on to the general public. Through mediums like Have I Got News For You hosted by Paul Merton , Ian Hislop and other people. There are more shows now like Mock The Week still running other puppet comedy shows have now since finished.

Some popular themes in 2013 have been staged on Saturday Night Live, this was mentioned in earlier posts and part one of the comedians making life hell for politicians. People in the US have been outraged by the government shutting down. The irony of this is captured in today’s article.