Wall Street Doom And Gloom To Brighten Up Your Day

wall streetDo you ever feel like you are just jumping through hoops and never actually getting anywhere?You create something really nice for wall street then present it to the world and the world just screws it up into a ball and then throws it straight into the paper basket. If this sounds like something you can relate with, a writers nightmare, right, well Dan Majestic is in New York explaining how the world economy works, soon will be back to normal again and everything will be going on as it usually does. The US President Barack Obama , Capitol Hill, Libya and Somalia and  human rights departments are all taking notes of all this doom and gloom. To its definitely needed and here it is something to brighten up your day, it is about the the US National Security Agency, classics from the archives to  brighten everything up a bit, check it out it is on Stirring Trouble Internationally posted earlier. Leave some comments and join in the conversation, something good is bound to happen.